Winning Race horses have kinesiology

I trained in Touch for health kinesiology with Orla Brady and in the First couple of classes I could only relate kinesiology to horses in juries . The group had some laugh because i would go off on one about this horse or that horse and what muscle and how i couldn’t wait to work on horses. Roll on a few months and I read an article in the racing post about a trainer struggling to find why his horses were under performing. I rang his yard and had a conversation with him. I was with him 3 hours.  He took me on a tour of the yard. He explained how the last 2 months had been.

His vets had Scoped all horses, blooded, swabbed the walls, tested the feed, water etc. nothing as been found ,no virus no bacteria, nothing. yet when the horses ran they never finished their race.. So frustrating as nothing had changed and the big races were looming… I asked to see the last 3 horses that raced and I did some kinesiology testing with them . I went through each one with him and told him each horses imbalance, 1st horse was a wind issue.. next horse was ground was to soft, next horse was not working with new jockey. He laughed as we were finishing saying how can you tell by pushing my arm!! He laughed cause he knew what the issues were and I could confirm them.

“The horse with wind issue had a hobday and there was a tear he was amazed as i did not know this info” I LOVE kinesiology and he was blown away by it. I was now working on Ireland s leading race horses! He said right what’s the plan. He wanted to run a horse in a point to point but the vets had all off the track until they found the underlying issue. I said what do you want to do?? He said RUN the Horse… So I balanced the horse and He ran the horse and it won the point to point !!  He called about 9pm to tell me the great news he said this is like winning the Gold Cup to me!

So I worked on 4 horses on the Monday who ran in Down Royal ion the Tuesday 3 finished well and were placed and 1 fell.  I continued my kinesiology balancing on each of the runners and 3 weeks later he had a triple win in Leopards Town. I was in the yard that day and the atmosphere was electric among the staff.

It was amazing to see the turn around in the yard in a couple of weeks. I was just doing what I love.