Horse and Rider Consultations

Joan has found that Kinesiology balancing for riders adults and kids can really help with posture, co-ordination, body awareness, sense of feel, maintaining focus, clearing fears, achieving goals, injury repair and easing or elimination of pain.

Kinesiology can empower people to work with confidence in improving their animals performance and behaviour.

Whether a young rider starting out or a more experienced jockey kinesiology can help you tune into your body and be in sync with your equine. Optimises your attention, focus , balance and co ordination.

In a consultation Joan covers a huge amount of stress with her advanced training;

Physical : all the bodies structure muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, bones, joints synovial fluid, bursa cranial bones and sutures .Alignment of body.

Mental : Brain areas, Glands, Electrical signals neuron transmitters

Emotional issues; Fear, Panic, Rage , Anxiety ,Feeding, Short term stress, long term stress , Memory, Sleep, Addictions Attention , Play, Seeking Care, conscious , subconscious and more

Bio-Chemical Hormones and nutritional stress and cell production of energy.