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Every Kinesiology session is different as it is tailored to the individual person’s needs. A Kinesiologist discusses your diet, lifestyle, exercise routine, stress factors, family history and nutritional supplementation. This is a “holistic”or “whole-person” approach. The number of treatments is dependent on how long you have had a particular health concern, but the benefits are usually felt in a couple of sessions. Every ailment has a combination of Physical, Mental, Emotional or Chemical energy imbalances attached to it which can be rectified by many different techniques.

In a consultation Joan covers a huge amount of stress with her advanced training;

Physical : all the bodies structure muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, bones, joints synovial fluid, bursa cranial bones and sutures .Alignment of body.

Mental : Brain areas, Glands, Electrical signals neuron transmitters

Emotional issues; Fear, Panic, Rage , Anxiety ,Feeding, Short term stress, long term stress , Memory, Sleep, Addictions Attention , Play, Seeking Care, conscious , subconscious and more

Bio-Chemical Hormones and nutritional stress and cell production of energy.

1st Consultation Treatment


Intake conversation about your history and what’s going on for you.

Treatment person lies on plinth fully clothed and we test using the arm muscle

£70 /  E85 ( treatment takes +/- 1h30 min)

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2nd Consultation Treatment


If necessary for a 2nd consultation 6 to 12 weeks


treatment lasts +/- 60 minutes

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