Horse Consultations

Top athletes work with Kinesiolgists for optimise performance. Your sensitive equine should be balanced so they are able to work to their full potential.

Joan uses Kinesiology energy balancing techniques to help with animal behavioural issues. This works well with horses and dogs as they reflect their emotions with their body language and behaviour.


In a consultation Joan covers a huge amount of stress with her advanced training; 

Physical : all the bodies structure muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, bones, joints synovial fluid, bursa cranial bones and sutures, Alignment of body.

Mental : Brain areas, Glands, Electrical signals neuron transmitters.

Emotional issues; Fear, Panic, Rage, Anxiety, Feeding, Short term stress, long term stress, Memory, Sleep, Addictions Attention, Play, Seeking Care, conscious, subconscious and more.

Bio-Chemical Hormones and nutritional stress and cell production of energy.

What happens in a session?

  • The horse is assessed standing, walk, trot, lunged .
  • Information is gathered about the horse.. age, vaccines, medical problems , farrier , dentist etc…
  • I test and assess the imbalances and then do the corrections the body requires. Using muscle testing I can find the  health imbalances in the body, put them into priority and determine the most effective balance for the Horse.

A session will take about an hour / 90 minutes.

Joan always ensures that she works with veterinary approval.

Horse Consultation 


Intake conversation about the horse

·Treatment horse and possibly owner / rider treatment

£90 €100 horse ( treatment takes +/- 1h30 min)

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