Kinesiology for Dogs

I have done kinesiology balances for many different dogs from family pets to prize winning Greyhounds.

Some of the more common cases in clinic are ;

  • Stiffness of the joints  ,
  • Pain / Injury ,
  • Alopecia,
  • Digestive disorders,
  • Nutritional issues,
  • Epilepsey
  • Muscle issues

Cases studies

Labradoodle dog with Alopecia

Max 8years was attacked in his back garden by several dogs he was defending the families kids. The distraught owners were going away on holiday the next day, so Max went to stay in kennels for 2 weeks. When the family collected the Dog he had lost large patches of his coat. He was seen by the vet but there was no improvement in the following months. They arranged an appointment for a Kinesiology session. I examined Max and then started to balance him. I found that there was stress to do with the fight-flight pathways which affected the endocrine system causing Adrenal stress. This means the dog was still in panic mode. Using kinesiology formatting I distressed the dog.  I also used meridians, Acupressure and Chakras to clear a lot of mental and emotional stress which was still active in the body. He came back 4 months later for another follow-up session and he was in great condition and his hair was growing back. The family was delighted, their loving pet was healthy again.

Shitzu Dog with  Epilepsey

Trixy 6year old Shitzu became unwell and was with his vet he was not responding to treatment for his epileptic fits. The family was distraught so they brought him for a kinesiology session as a last resort. When examined he was very unresponsive. I just worked away and balanced using the advanced formatting, it showed his immune system and stomach-related stress. I spoke to the owners and they had changed his diet recently. He was well improved the next day and went on from strength to strength. He now just has a balance once a year. We did nutritional testing and found the most suitable dog food as this seemed to be the trigger for illness.

Dog with hip problems

Dexter was a 3 year old pincher who had been under veterinary care for a week. Was unable to walk far and had hip problems. On examination, the dog was in a lot of pain and its coat was dull and was shedding. I balanced the dog and used meridians, acupressure, light to boost the healing process. I received a phone call the next evening to say that Max sleep all night and in the morning he took off from the front lawn through a field of sheep. The family was shocked as for a few weeks he was barely able to make it out of his bed and now he was running free again. He had a top-up session 3 months later and he’s been well since 2010.