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Joan Morton Kinesiology

I help people find a calm and relaxed state. Why their body is stressed and the underlying issues of Pain, Anxiety, tiredness, digestive issues and skin conditions. 

Making the unknown known is the miracle.

I provide Kinesiology therapy for both people and animals as well as delivering Kinesiology training courses.

Hi my name is Joan Morton and I found kinesiology 20 years ago through back pain. Being a Chef was a really stressful job and I had just returned from Australia so I had a lot of changes in my life.

I had exhausted all avenues of healthcare and was still in pain. Kinesiology was recommended by a work colleague who had suffered for years and got relief. I had a session and 2 days later I was pain free. 

3 years later I had a frozen shoulder and again went through many healthcare avenues before returning to the kinesiologist. When after this session I got relief of this persistent pain it was a light bulb moment for me.

I wanted to know why it worked and how it worked.

So I took to study with the  Kinesiologist Orla Brady whom I had went too. And I havent stopped studying since ever advancing courses on the bodies systems.

Kinesiology combines ancient Chinese medicine with western techniques and is a natural and very powerful healing modality.

It incorporates techniques such as acupressure points, meridian balancing, gentle structural manipulation and massage and vibrational alignment.

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I provide consultations for Animals, Humans and also provide professional courses both online and classed based.


In addition to the consultations I provide a range of both online and classed based courses.  These are all accredited courses.