Neuro energetic Kinesiology Diploma Class

Designed to provide students with one of the most comprehensive education programs available, this nationally accredited qualification is recognized by the peak kinesiology body, the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA). This training program prepares students with the confidence and knowledge to excel in the practice of kinesiology, working across a broad range of conditions with techniques relevant to holistic health.

This qualification is highly regarded as the benchmark in the complementary medicine industry for both kinesiology practice standards and professional opportunities.  Whether you wish to establish a practice at home or to work from an existing clinic, the Diploma of Kinesiology provides you with the competences and knowledge to create and manage a successful business. It will allow you to develop the confidence you need to attract clients, build professional relationships and a solid reputation.

Benefits of the Joan Morton Neuro energetic Kinesiology Diploma.

  • Develops sound knowledge and understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and yogic principles as well as numerous corresponding applications and techniques;
  • Provides substantial scientific knowledge as a framework in understanding and working with complex health conditions;
  • Explores the connections between nutritional and energetic aspects of food and their respective impacts and contributions on overall health and well being;
  • Carries detailed information on the anatomy and physiology of all body systems, structures and their interactions along with the systemic effects of imbalances and stress;
  • Delivers a wide range of balancing and correction techniques for all body and energy systems and methods to use them in conjunction with one another to suit each presenting condition for the best possible outcome.


Joan Morton Kinesiology Diploma Class

Year 1 Courses Year 2 Courses
Principles of Kinesiology 1 Neural Emotional Pathways 1
Principles of Kinesiology 2 Nutrition Hologram A
Principles of Kinesiology 3  External Assessment 5 courses
Principles of Kinesiology 4  Nutrition
External Assessment of Principals  Anatomy and Physiology Level3
Brain Formatting  Practice management
Chakra Metaphors  Interpersonal Skills
Physiology Formatting
Chakra Hologram 1


Professional Association Membership

The NK  Basic practitioner Kinesiology certification allows professional membership with the Kinesiology Association Ireland (KAI) as Registered Kinesiology Practitioner.

Other requirements of the membership include the completion of Core units. 


Fostering appropriate relationships

Managing and marketing a thriving practice

Practicing responsibly and ethical, Mastering kinesiology practice skills

NUTRITION 28 hours

Understanding nutritional contribution to health


Using scientific background information to support practice.


2 year part-time course taught in Tullymill Florencecourt, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland


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