Ani Energetics online

Applicants will be interviewed to see if this course is suitable for them and also that it meets their needs.


This exciting course was created by Joan Morton who specialises in training people to work with energy to heal animals. First 2 modules will look at healing for you the person and then healing and communication for the animal.

Kinesiology is an excellent tool for making The Unknown known especially when working with animals. The Ani Energetics is unique because it identifies the underlying stress and corrects it in a holistic way.

This introductory course provides skills to be used throughout your animal healing career. You will learn all about the theories of the animal energetic anatomy and how it can be accessed. You will also learn how muscle testing works for animals and how meridians and chakras are connected to muscles, emotions and organs. You will learn how we use finger modes and the corrections for the bodies muscles and how to build a healing session with all of these elements. It also includes extraordinary meridians, divergent channels, connecting channels and muscle meridians and how they are applied to animals.  This more exten­sive understanding of Traditional Chi­nese Medicine concepts deepens the balancing for animals and gives amazing results.


  • Live zoom every 2 weeks 10 am till 1 pm
  • Replay of zoom for notes
  • Videos of each technique
  •  Live Facebook Q and A each week
  • Private Facebook group
  • Home study, reading and case studies
  • Support with personal development throughout the course
  • A simple way of assessment that will leave the individual feeling competent and confident.

Registration and certification

The course is registered with IICT: International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Assessment of students

1. Profile twenty case studies to show assessment procedure, recommendations, treatment protocols and evidence of progress.

2. Videos to show all assessments and corrective exercises carried out.

3. Reflective Diary and summary of all the books read from the reading list.

4. Knowledge of exercises for techniques.

5. Completion of workbook for each module.


Course dates coming soon. Please contact Joan –