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NK Diploma September 2019

NK Diploma is now open for applications for 7th/ 8th September 2019 2 year part time course. All applicantions will be reviewed and suitable applicants will be interviewed . Please email for applications.
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Cow off her food

My lovely client from last week! This young cow had been seen by the vet twice and was a bit of a mystery as to her illness. She was frothing at the mouth .She started about a week before she calved . Once she calved she became weak and went off her food and water. I was asked to come and do kinesiology to help. I tested and balanced her using advanced kinesiology and her liver and spleen s...
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Winning Race horses have kinesiology

I trained in Touch for health kinesiology with Orla Brady and in the First couple of classes I could only relate kinesiology to horses in juries . The group had some laugh because i would go off on one about this horse or that horse and what muscle and how i could n't wait to work on horses. Roll on a few months and I read an article in the racing post about a trainer struggling to find why his h...
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Equine Kinesiology Workshops

Over the next year I will be running a few of the  Equine Kinesiology Introduction Part 1  &  Equine Kinesiology Part  2 workshops Then to follow will be Equine Major Chakras  4 days Equine Minor Chakras 4 days Equine Structure Balancing 4 days        
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Do you suffer with back pain ?

Don't suffer any longer. In 2001 I was working as a chef in an Enniskillen hotel. I developed back pain, simple things triggered my back pain, like just lifting lettuce from the sink, or stooping over to lift a plate from the hot cupboard. A fellow chef recommended a kinesiologist who he had seen for his back pain, so I booked an appointment. I was assessed standing and then she put me up on...
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Is your mare hard to get in foal?

This time of year is always really busy for me as people are trying to get there mares in foal. I have had great success with mares who have been hard to get in foal. I have completed advanced  kinesiology which allows me to access stress in the complete reproductive cycle. Brain - glands -hormones mammary glands ovaries  uterus nutrients Immune system I have found many ...
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Enniskillen Show

Great success lovely to meet everyone old and new clients and catch up.a couple of photos of our stand thanks to LE Graphics for the great Banners.
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Course dates

Courses in Ireland Seminar Date Hrs. Instructor Location Principles of Kinesiology 1 Sept 7/ 8 14 Joan Morton Tully Mill Florencecourt ,Co Fermanagh Principles of Kinesiology 2 Oct 5/6 14 Joan Morton Tully Mill, Florencecourt ,Co Fermanagh Principles of Kinesiology 3 Nov 2/3 14 Joan Morton Tully Mill, Florencecourt ,Co Fermanagh Principles of Kinesi...
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