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thank-you-227344_640Lovely testimonial from a client who comes from New Zealand and has a treatment;

For many years I have suffered from a condition that reduces my mobility, leaves me debilitated and deprived of sleep, and is a cause of daily pain. Doctors have been unable to relieve my symptoms, and have prescribed medication supplemented by painkillers. After a single one-hour treatment with Joan, the pain disappeared for almost six months. Further treatments have had a similar effect. The underlying problem still persists but the treatment makes life much more manageable and comparatively pain free. Joan is a gentle and sympathetic healer who is respectful of her patients’ needs and wishes. I thank her for the great difference she has made to my general level of wellbeing over these last few years. 


Joan, Thanks for the incredible difference you’ve made in my life over the past three years. Knowing that I was looking for a natural and effective solution to the severe systems of menopause, a friend recommended kinesiology. I was so delighted with the results that I have been happy to refer family and friends to you for all sorts of problems with great results, and will continue to do so.

Mary McLean, Internet Research Logistics

I have attended joan for 2 sessionsof Kinesiology. I had suffered previously with serious pain in my lower back and shoulder area due to a car accident. Thanks to Joan’s wonderful treatment the pain eased and I no longer suffer. Kinesiology with Joan has greatly benefited me as I no longer have to take time off work or college. The improvement was evidently seen in just 2 days after the treatment.

Maria Fitzpatrick   Feb 08

I twisted my back at Christmas and was in severe pain. I called Joan and went to see her. She worked on my body doing a kinesiology balance. The next morning it was much better . I had 2 follow up sessions and I found my back released much quicker than it did on previous occasions of pain. I feel this was due to the kinesiology. I found Joan to be very supportive and comforting and I would recommend her to anyone as I already have .

Martina F…. Dec 2011

I attended Joan for kinesiology as I was really stressed at home and a friend  recommended her to me. After my session had a great relief and this kinesiology proved it’s self as my husband took a heart attack and ended up in hospital four days later.  I have no hesitation in saying had I not had a balance I could not have coped as well as I did. I reccomend joan to my friend and family as I am amazed how kinesiology works.