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Is your mare hard to get in foal?

This time of year is always really busy for me as people are trying to get there mares in foal. I have had great success with mares who have been hard to get in foal. I have completed advanced  kinesiology which allows me to access stress in the complete reproductive cycle.

  • Brain – glands -hormones
  • mammary glands
  • ovaries 
  • uterus
  • nutrients
  • Immune system

I have found many types of imbalances the can be Mental, Emotional, Physical, Hormonal.

Mental/ emotional issues can arise from past foaling issues or can be related to mares separation from foals. The kinesiology is great to distress the brain areas so the primitive brain settles so your mare feels safe.

I few years back a lady asked me to balance a thoroughbred mare who was hard to get in foal. The mare had a lot of black type and her foals would be valuable .She had a kinesiology treatment and I found imbalances between the uterus and ovaries which I balanced using acupressure, light therapy, sound.The mare went into foal 1st time and has went on to breed since.

This was an excellent result .

After the treatment the owner told me the history of this mare . She was black type ‘Saddler Wells’  the mare had been sent for slaughter as she was no longer fit for breeding. Vets had worked with her to try and get her into foal with no joy, so she was wrote off.

Excess fluid in uterus has also been an issue for breeders and the immune system balance along with hormone balancing has been great for this.

I always want to find out what is the stress and how can we destress it.