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Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Conference



Institute of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Hugo Tobar (Australia), Institute of Neuroenergic Kinesiology in Ukraine and IKOS Institute

We are very glad to invite everyone to a unique world-class event –

“1st International Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Conference”

in Kyiv, Ukraine

“Stress as an engine of human evolution”

Kinesiology is a natural healthcare system that is based on eastern ‘energetic’ systems of healthcare and western knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Kinesiology is a system for restoring and harmonizing various aspects of a person’s life using stress dissipation techniques. Neuroenergetic kinesiology is based on muscle testing.

Kinesiology helps to determine which correctional effects will be most suitable for bringing the body’s structures into a balanced state, which helps the body to incorporate self-healing mechanisms.

Indeed, this approach allows you to do incredible things: to balance anxiety, sleep, addiction, fear and panic, the pleasure system, emotional and shock trauma, learning difficulties … .. and a lot more!

Hugo Tobar (Australia);

Daria Kovalchuk (Ukraine, Kiev);

Светлана Костарева (Svetlana Kostareva)a (Russia);

Eva Arricivita (Spain);

Joan Morton (Ireland)

Виктория Позигун (Victoria Pozigun) (Ukraine, Odessa);

Валерия Мисник (Russia)

Special lectures on complementary topics:
Дарья Отыч
Юлия Викторовна (Yuliya Viktorovna)

Master classes from Kinesiology practitioners:

Марина Сидорова (Ukraine, Kiev)

Людмила Кушнир (Ukraine, Kiev)

Светлана Олейник (Ukraine, Kiev)

Людмила Осауленко (Ukraine, Kiev)